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Many experts and professionals have described the Pilates Method, as the "perfect exercise system".  Perhaps this glowing recommendation is due to the fact that Pilates exercise is a sensible and desirable choice for people of every description.

Who can benefit from the overall health care that Pilates provides?   Just about everyone:

Athletes have performed Method Pilates for many years.  Athletes love the Pilates exercises, and many professional sports teams and athletic associations hire Pilates experts to provide guidance and advice.  Pilates is not only a beneficial workout, but also provides relief to athletes whose progress in their chosen sport or art has been hindered by tight muscles, injuries or the basic need to become strengthened in a new way.

Athletes, bodybuilders are among those who regularly practice the Pilates Method.  In fact, bodybuilders were among the first to discover the benefits of Pilates, more than 80 years ago.  Many bodybuilders are still surprised to find that even with lighter weights, the Pilates workout will leave their muscles feeling fatigued.

Rehabilitation Patients
Every human body has certain imbalances.  Some are natural, while others have been brought about by injury.  Many people have found the Pilates Method extremely helpful in correcting the imbalances caused by injury, as practicing Pilates can be effective in strengthening and aligning the entire body, rather than simply the injured areas.  Even in the earliest days of Pilates, during the 1920's, some of the most famous choreographers of the time would send their dancers to Joseph Pilates for his training and guidance.  They found the overall body conditioning not only healed the injuries, but also actually cut the period of downtime by half.

People Wishing to Strengthen Small Muscle Groups
The Method Pilates focuses on working and strengthening the intrinsic muscles and small muscle groups.  These small muscles have a big job # providing support for the core of the body.  While most traditional body strengthening programs work primarily on the large muscle groups, the Pilates Method involves the small muscle groups.  When these muscles are strengthened, the placement of the bones (and ultimately, the framework of the body), are altered.  The impinged nerves, muscles and bones are released from their cramped state, able to regain their freedom of movement.

Those with Poor Posture
Bad posture seems to be a modern curse.  When the body is thrown out of alignment, the resulting pressure on the ligaments, tendons, muscles and joints can actually cause chronic disorders.  The Method Pilates can be used to improve the posture by correcting the body's alignment, making the person appear taller, slimmer and more confident.   You'll be amazed at how standing straight and tall can completely change your appearance, and even how others react to you.

People Suffering Chronic Tension
Another common complaint of many people today is chronic tension.  The Pilate Method can help relieve tension as it encourages the body to become stronger and more conditioned.  As the body releases tension, it gains more strength and flexibility.  Injury often occurs when muscles lose their suppleness.  Increase flexibility can actually decrease your chances of suffering muscle damage.

Those Who Think About Tomorrow
Aging is not always a graceful process, but the Pilates Method can help you to train your body for the changes that are in store.  Starting the Method Pilates is much like investing money for your retirement.   The strong bones and muscles, good posture, positive attitude and freedom of movement that you create today will become invaluable to you in future years.  Pilates today can actually improve your life tomorrow.

Some people claim that "Pilates for Everyone" is a fact of life.  Is it the right choice for you?  Find a registered Pilates instructor in your area, and meet with him or her for an initial assessment.  Chances are, you'll soon be adding up the benefits of your own health under the Pilates Method.
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